What To Do Before A Full Brazilian Wax

The full Brazilian wax is the way to go if you want to look your best in a tiny bikini. Well before you get or show up for your session, there are things to consider before showing up for your session.

To make the experience as less unpleasant as possible, there are important details on the right way to prepare down there you might be missing, here’s your to-do list before a Brazilian.

The Right time

Well, when is the right time? Never schedule an appointment for a day or two before or after your period, since you're likely to experience a lot more pain. Just because some cosmetician as still willing to do it or as free time, and manages to squeeze you in into his/her busy schedule doesn't mean you should take them up.

Moisturize and Hydrate

I call them the M & H, staying hydrated is important, especially when you’re about to get a full Brazilian. Drink lots of water, before your appointment. Keep your skin moisturized but don't overdo it with lotions, even if it's a light one. And also, make Make sure you don’t use any oils on your skin either a day before your appointment.

Give Up Control

Prepare to give up control, things can get weird especially if it's your first time letting a hair removal professional touch you down there. Also, it's imperative you explain what you want, then let them do their thing, and also don't try to be the expert because you read some articles online and you think you are an expert overnight. Remember they do this for a living.

Exfoliate and Shower

Exfoliation is a must if you want to prevent ingrown hairs. You must not be too harsh, but don't forget it it’s one of the things to do a day before a full Brazilian wax. Also don't forget to shower before the session, either at home or the spa. It's like a sign of respect for your cosmetician, who doesn't want to get too close to a sweaty crotch, but it also reduces the right of an infection.

Avoid Trimming Too Much

The ideal length of hair for the best wax pull is between one eighth and one-quarter of an inch. Anything shorter and you won’t get the best results.

Feed Your Waxer Details

If you have any allergies, be sure to let your aesthetician know about them before the appointment. You might think it's the last thing to do, also telling your waxing specialist but one of the important things is to let your specialist about any topical products you're using. Medications like Accutane are incompatible, and Retin-A and AHAs shouldn't be used before waxing.

Avoid Alcohol and Stimulants

Alcohol and stimulants like coffee tighten your pores, they can also dehydrate you, which mean more pain, and are bad ideas before a full Brazilian

Bring Your A-Game

If you want to do a full Brazilian wax one thing you should do is be prepared for pain. Researchers say; humans are less stressed out in the morning, so it might be best if you book the appointment in the morning. And, if you can't, you should consider taking a Tylenol an hour before and avoid pain killers like Advil (contains Ibruprofen or Asprin, since they can thin your blood and extend any bleeding.)

The First Time Is Always the Worst

It's going to be painful and there's gonna be a lot of screaming but you should know the pain will start to fade after the first time. After you get through it, the hair follicle will get thinner and easier to pull out.

The Right Kind of Underwear

I have something for you, bring granny panties. It's full coverage underwear made from soft cotton, which keeps you comfy, and reduces any painful friction after waxing. And, also get yourself sweatpants, replace those skinny jeans.
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