Jaden Smith to Open Restaurant Where The Homeless Can Eat for Free

Image via Getty/Rich Fury/MTV VMAs 2020

We recently learned that Jaden Smith via Variety is opening a restaurant that will give free meals to homeless people.

His "I Love You Restaurant" brand has been touching the lives of the homeless community in Los Angeles and beyond for years, and it's reported that Jaden Smith is looking to expand. The musician, actor, and philanthropist said his goal was to provide “healthy, vegan food for free” to those in need in Los Angeles’ Skid Row area.

He want those who can afford to buy their meals to spend a little bit more as means of paying it forward to the next person in need. "But if you’re not homeless, not only do you have to pay, but you have to pay for more than the food’s worth so that you can pay for the person behind you.”

Stay tuned for more details regarding Smith’s I Love You restaurant. 

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